Duluth Full Hook Up Fond du Lac Campground


  • All of our buildings are smoke free.
  • Please observe the posted rules at registration booth. 
  • 6 people per site
  • 1 tent or RV per site
  • 1 vehicle per site 
  • 2nd tent $30
  • 2nd vehicle $5 Park in the parking lot.​
  • All of our buildings are smoke free.
  • Please observe the posted rules at registration booth. 
  • *For those of you with challenging Big Rigs - Upon entry -Stay to the right when going down the hill entrance.

Water Electric Duluth Campground St Louis River

Rules For All:

Shoreline, water and electric (20-30 amp)

Sites 1-8 B, 13-18

Rates start at $63.55 plus tax/night.

Sites: 9, 22A, 22B, 29A, 29B, 29C, 29D

No tent camping in sites 10 & 11.

Rates start at $35.80 plus tax/night

*no weekly or monthly rates.

Quiet Hours: 10 PM to 7 AM.  Turn off radios and generators. Voices and sounds carry a long distance on quiet nights and across water. 

Children: Children need to be in your view and supervised.  Please accompany your children to the restrooms. Keep your children at your campsite after dusk.  

Absolutely NO subleasing your campsite.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone, and to evict anyone who creates a disturbance or disrespects camp policy.

Do not walk through campsites other than your own.

Pets: Leash law applies. Pets are not allowed to annoy campers. Do not leave your pet unattended. Thank you for picking up after your pet. Pets are not allowed in buildings. 

Fire Rings: NO Pallet wood, boards with nails, glass, cans, diapers, or plastic bottles. Wood must not extend beyond fire rings.

All buildings are smoke free. 

No soliciting.

The use of foul, threatening, vulgar language or destruction of property are grounds for eviction without refunds. This is a family friendly campground.

Place garbage bags in dumpster.

Swim at your own risk. No lifeguard. There is no swimming at the boat launch area for your safety due to boat traffic.

Owner / management assumes no responsibility for accidents, injuries, or losses from any cause.

No ATVs. This is a small family campground. There is no ATV trail access.

Duluth St. Louis River Fond du Lac Tent Campground

Please see the Camper Cabin Rates page for details.

Camper Cabin Duluth Fond du Lac MN Campground

Campsites:  SITE Map available on reservation page.

Duluth Rustic Tent Campground Fond du Lac

​​Water & Electric

Sites: 19-21B 

Rates start at $45.60 plus tax/night.

Water & Electric

Both Pull through and Back in.

Sites 23-28, 30-32, 37-41, 42-46 have 20-30 amp.

Sites 10, 11 have 50 amp.

Rates start at $47.40 plus tax/night

*please call for monthly rates

Shoreline Sites

Shoreline Rustic Camping

Shoreline Sites Vines Campground

Rustic Tent Camping

Full Hook Up

Water, Electric & Sewer

Back in only.

(20-30 amp)

Sites: 33-35, HA & HB

Rates start at $51.85 plus tax/night.

*please call for monthly rates

Fond du Lac  Campground

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